by Detached

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released July 9, 2014

Detached is:
Luke Cooksey
Joel Cedeno
Nick Dilts
John John Turner

Produced by Jacob Hudson and Andrew Perlowich at True Tone Studios in Jacksonville, FL.



all rights reserved


Detached Jacksonville, Florida

Fan all the way up, no blankets.

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Track Name: Move
Every word that you say, I can't hear them but they sound so clear to me. Shattered glass, broken frame; was picture perfect, now is thrown away. Solitude is where I'll stay. Satisfied with my loneliness, but I've seen better days. Pack these things and run away. I'm leaving everything I know, in hopes to change my ways.

Feeling so small. Searching for some solid ground but I can't move at all. Wasting my time. Feeling hopelessness and trying to take back my mind. Took the wrong road. At the fork of "blinded hope" and "everything I know". I've come to know, there's a thin line between thick decisions.

I'm leaving everything I know.
Track Name: Cutting Ties
I'm so over not getting over you. You said you need me, but we both know the truth. I'm just an empty body with an empty bottle; only thing in it lately, is how I am feeling. Facing reality as I see the back of your head. Mentally destroying, every promise that you never kept.
Track Name: Painless
You said "it's nothing". It didn't hurt. Give three weeks until things got worse. Now you said that you hate me. But I hope you learned to keep your word. You needed to open your eyes instead of shutting me out. But when you opened them I was gone, in spite of your doubt. All you ever did was push away.

Just the thought of you can bring me down. And it's nice to know that you're not around.
Track Name: Shoestrings
I'm tripping over shoe strings, who would've known that they were untied. Fall from grace. Following a pathless life.

Waiting, peeking, always paranoid. A gust of wind is all it takes to change.

These worn out soles. A streak of rain on an open window. Patience, my only fate. Turn around, look away.

How am I supposed to battle this? With shields and swords that I don't have? Abandon everything passionless. How am I supposed to come back?

Abandon everything passionless. How do I come back from this?
Track Name: Fog
All I can think about is how I can't think straight. Tampered with the mold, twisted and misplaced. What happened to changing? You can't see through the fog. I had to notice you didn't want a thing at all.

Broken back, broken mind, what do you think I'll find? Feeling alone is now being at home.

I'd rather lose you than have you lose yourself. You couldn't wait to leave, you've been waiting for someone else.